Reach your potential customers at the right moment with a Facebook campaign.


Because with more than 2 billion active users in 2019, Facebook is still the largest platform worldwide. That said, there are high chances of finding new customers through this platform using Facebook ads.

Several surveys point to one fact: Facebook Ads is one of the most widely used paid media platforms in digital marketing, accompanied, of course, by Google Ads, which also offers an amazing PPC (pay per click) platform.

For big brands or businesses, a platform with such a strong online presence is an ideal place to advertise and reach target audiences quickly.

Thanks to its amazing segmentation features, and if used correctly, Facebook Ads can deliver great results with a low budget.

What catches the eye on Facebook Ads is its versatility, providing unlimited ad formats like video, text or image. This makes it easy to impact your audience in many different ways.


  • Powerful segmentation: the segmentation capacity of Facebook Ads is so detailed, and I could even say impossible to reach with other any other advertising platform. This can help us reach our target customer through segmenting by age, gender, city, studies, tastes, interests, etc. In the United States, it is already possible to segment the audience by political ideology.
  • Low budget-friendly: we are talking about a low-cost and high-ROI advertising tool since we only pay for the clicks we get. From $5 per day, we can easily set up a small campaign to generate visitors to your website or new fans for your Facebook page or Instagram profile. If we combine this with the segmentation capacity mentioned before, the benefits are greatly increased because we are only reaching the highest-quality of potential consumers.
  • Huge audience: Facebook has millions of active users and is the most used social network every day. Advertising on Facebook ensures you can reach any audience you want.
  • Design: when we talk about advertising on Facebook, I talk about a tool that offers flexibility in terms of design, allowing images, videos and text in the ads.
  • Retargeting: A powerful method to get clients and sales. With a retargeting (or remarketing) campaign, we can specifically target those users who have shown interest in our products or services before and give them a second chance to buy or visit our business.


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